Twice we stayed the night at old haciendas. A hacienda is a manor where the Spanish landowners lived. It is built in a large square with an inner court yard.

The first was just outside Otavalo north from Quito. It is called Hacienda Chorlavi and is from 1620. I don’t think much remained from that time, but it was still nice.


I don’t think I ever slept in a more ornate bed.


This the central courtyard. We had breakfasr behind the bannister.


My room is behind the door in the center of the picture.


The rooms across the second courtyard seen from the door to my room.

The second hacienda we stayed on was to the southeast close to a place called Lasso and was called Hacienda La Cienega. The first house was built i 1580 and is still standing. It even had a chapel, and my room was next to it.


Looking at the main building from the courtyard.


The chapel, my room is to the left.


The main builcing seen from the courtyard.


The eating area.


The Hacienda seen form the front by the end of a long alley-. It is easy to visualize chariots coming down the alley with torches for a party for the Spanish.


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