Markets and shops.

It seemed that every city and town had a market, but the largest one was in Otavalo. It was well organized but the selection was of course mixed It was clear that they use stronger colours than us in the high north.

DSCF3778 I don’t see any I know having any of these on the wall.

I did not know that what we call Panama-hat actually is Ecuador-hat, and it was no problem to buy one.


We also visited a shop selling knitted stuff, and the woman selling stuff had style.


A selection of what they sold.


We were taken to a town who was said to be famous for their wood-carving, but that was a dissapointmentDSCF3824

If it originally was carved out of wood, it was impossible to see. Everything (almost) was sanded to perfection and painted, so it was impossible to see if wood really was the base material. (Sorry about the poor quality of the picture. It is taken through the shop window.)

We were there in the end of November and it was obvious that Christmas was approaching. We sa several Chrismas trees and buying Christmas decorations was very easy. It was also clear that religious items were in demand.



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