Ait ben Haddou

Ait ben Haddou is a village on the east side of the Atlas Mountains but not quite Sahara. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage list as it is so well preserved and show the traditional building style and material. It requires a lot to maintain so most people have moved to the more modern part of the town on the other side of a dried-out river. A lot of movie films have partly been made here, like Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator, Ali Baba, The hunt for the lost Diamond  and others. Then the local people are participants. We visited an apartment and had tea on the roof, and not to exaggerate: it was not up to modern standard!



This gate was built for a movie and is new! The hero flew with an airplane through the gate and this is after the flight.


A crumbling wall show the interior of a room. I was intriged by the wall decorations.


One room in the apartment we visited were for sheep and hen. The rooster was the boss!



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