Last stretch.

We spent the last night in Morocco in a city called Taroudan. What was special with the hotel was that it was actually built into the old city wall as can be seen here. The picture is taken on the roof of the hotel.


We went through the medina (bazaar) and came into a big area where they sold ceramic, which is typical for Morocco.

DSCF4563DSCF4564DSCF4565 Just outside the medina we noticed a bakery. That in itself is not strange, but the guide told us that most households in the city did not have a stove, but all meals have to accompanied with bread. So they make the dough and form the breads on plates. Then they take that down to the bakery to be baked.


From Taroudan to Agadir we drove just south of the Atlas mountains and had a good view on the snow.


We spent a couple of hours at the beach in Agadir and that was impressive.


Then we had our last lunch in the home to our eminent tour guide and that was a great ending to our visit to Morocco. We all agreed that it had been a great adventure.


This is the house to our great Norwegian guide. She had lived 30 years in the country and knew everything and made the trip special.


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