Baku.Modern buildings.

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and lies by the Caspian sea. The biggest lake in the world is 28 meters below sea level and that makes probably Baku the lowest capital in the world.

Azerbaijan produces oil and gas on and around the Caspian sea and this makes the country rich and that is very visible. The city is a mixture of the old city and brand new and very modern buildings. The most visible are The Flaming Towers, three highrise buildings on a hill overlooking the city. It ha got its name from the spectacular illumination at night.


It seemed that most government and public buildings should be very modern and here is a selection:

DSCF4639To the left a new building built for The European Son Contest final. The flag pole is more that 100 meters high and the flag weighs 350 kg,


The water authority, Note the shape!


Azerbaijan hosts the European Olympic Games. I must admit I have never heard about this sports events. So they had built venues for the different sports.


But also housing for the athletes and reporters. These houses were empty between the Games.DSCF4711


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