Two special places in Baku.

As the Soviet broke up in 1989-90 unrest happened in Baku and Azerbaijan. Some of it was directed against th Soviet rule, but some also against the Armenian population. The last resulted in the killing of 90 Armenians in Baku. On the 19. January 1990 Gorbatsjov signed an order to use military law to have law and order in Baku and 26000 troops entered the city and ended up killing 150-300 innocent people in the streets. Gorbatsjov is not a popular man in Azerbaijan even if he has admitted that it was his biggest mistake. The victims are buried together in a special place.


Picture, name and age made an impression. The youngest I found was a thirteen year young girl.

A poet has got a special sculpture. on one side of his head are happy motives from his production, like wedding. On the other side the sad motives like a funeral.



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