Towards Georgia.

We drove north-east through Azerbaijan parallell to the Caucasus mountains towards the border to Georgia. The landscape changed a lot. First it was dry and semidesert. White spots of salt  were clearly visible  proving that this has been under the sea at one time.


Later the hills were covered with grass and we saw sheep grazing (not on this picture)


Then the hills were covered with deciduouos trees and farmland.


It was facinating to see these changes within a relatively short distance. We drove through places that were almost like a park.

We stopped a couple of times before we reached the border. The first was at the mausoleum of Diri Baba, a sufi-saint from the 13hundreds that we actually know very little about. It is a place where sufi-muslims still come to study and meditate.



It was a special atmosphere over this place and I wondered what made a man 700 years ago settle in a place like this. They say you can still see him, if you are lucky(?).

We then stopped at an old cementary on a hilltop. It was still in use, but the oldest graves were several hundred years old. There had been earthquakes that had ruined some of the mausoleums, but not all. The quakes had also changed the position of the gravestones both outside and inside the mausoleums.



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