Two churches in or nearby Mtskheta.

The city of Mtskheta is around 30 km from Tbilisi where two rivers meet.


A big cathedral dominates the city center as can be seen on the picture. It is said the have the robe Jesus wore. We went around the church and like most churches there it was richly decorated on the outside.

On a hilltopacross the river at Mtskheta is the Jvari church. Legend say that it is built on the spot where St. Nino set up a cross of wine branches when she christened the country early in the 300s. We found crosses shaped like her original cross many places. The churc is defintely on the edge, so they had to change the orientation according to the compass directions churches normally use.


Here again I found the decorations interesting. For obvious reasons it was not possible to walk around this church, so this is above the main entrance.



And inside. I could see St. Nino’s cross several places. The inside of the church had very little wall decorations, but the architecture itself was interesting with a circular room under a dome.



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