The Stalin Museum in Gori.

Josef Stalin was born in the city of Gori in Georgia. The house where he was born is preserved and is part of the museum.


The museum itself was in a large building and the entrance was impressive.

DSCF4903DSCF4906 The exhibition was mainly pictures among those picture of Stalin as young.

It was also a kopy of a painting where Beria was removed after he was out of the power game. He had been to the right of the painting.


Stalins railroad car was parked on the museum lot. I took pictures of his bedroom, his bathroom and conference table.

Even if Stalin was born and raised in Georgia, or may be just because of that, he was harder with Georgia and Georgians, and it was quite strange to have a museum for him. It was a neutral presentation and nothing of his evil deeds were hidden. In the museum shop they sold T-shirts with his portrait, but fortunately they did not have my size. They had a schnaps with his name and portrait and that I bought. It tasted so bad!

The closest neighbour was a supermarket.



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