On the road to Yerevan

We drove through a great variation of landscapes going from the north of Armenia going south to Yerevan. First we drove through a canyonlike valley along a river. It was an agricultural area but the fields and towns were on terraces above the canyon.


Anastas Mikojan was from this area and he must have been the most devious man in the Soviet system. He served under Lenin, Stalin, Krustchov and Bresjnev. He was the only man who was able to stay in the highest level in the Communist Partyfor such a long time and with so many different men with the highest power. His brother was the creator and has given his name to the MIG-planes. Not bad for two brothers with uneducated, poor parents.

We passed by cities in the mountains, and it was in this area the mined copper.


On the other side of the mountains the soil must be more fertil and the trees were scarce.

Later the high mountains with snow dominated with fields in front of them


When we came closer to Yerevan Mount Ararat became visible. It is in Turkey but is very visible from Armenia, and they clearly wished the mountain was on Armenian soil. They used the  name Ararat on different buisnesses as Brandy etc.







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