Two bakeries.

Bread in different forms are clearly an important part of the meals in Armenia. I don’t think we had any meal whatsoever without bread. We visited two bakeries. Even if they were different in many ways, they had also things in common ,like they both had their jar ovens dug into the ground and the bread was manually stuck to the side of the jar untill it was done. Then it was picked out with a hook. They worked in pair, one made the dough and cut it and rolled it. The other stretched the dough to the right size and put it first on a “pillow”. Holding the pillow they then hit the inside of the jar oven so the dough stuck to the wall. Some of these jar were deep and it took some acrobatics to go deep into the oven.

Is his zipper open?

The other bakery was more “old-fashioned” with two women sitting. Our first reaction was: Where are their feet?

They made a much thinner bread and the second woman streched the dough in the air. The oven was much smaller but the principles were the same.

Both breads tasted great freshly baked, not so much after a while.

Just for the record: They were not amputees, there were holes in the floor!


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