Geghard – church and monastery.

Geghard is a complex of a monastery from the fourth century. The church was built in the 1200s. Part of the monastery is dug out in the hillside. It is at the very end of the road into a narrow valley: The name  Geghard means spear in Armenian and it got the name from the spear that was used to stab Jesus during the crucifixion. The spear was brought to the monastery by Thaddeus and has later been moved to the cathedral  in Echmiadzin.

I did not find the church very interesting.

Above the main entrance it was an elaborate carving of an angel with four or is it six wings.


Again a circular room with four pilars holding a nice dome.


The vestry had a nice decoration above a door. I had something to do with the noble families donating to Geghard.


Everywhere crosses, on the walls and also in the entrance to the caves.

Here again I saw decorations with one big cross and several smaller ones. On one of the pictures there are one big cross and ten smaller . Big family?

Part of the monastery was in caves in the mountain. What was new to me was that cross-stones were placed in niches in the mountainside.

I got more and more aware of the details on all the churches we saw and Geghard have many I enjoyed finding and take picture of. Geghard was located in a remote location, but I guess that is normal for monasteries. But again food, w ater etc must have been a problem.


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