Hovhannavank -church.

Vank means place an Hovhanna is John (Yohan), so Hovhannavank means John’s place. It was built  in the thirteen century.


As a surprise we were met by four opera singers in the vestry, gavit, and they sang old Armenian church music. It was beautiful and it touched me, I was emotionally moved, to my big surprise.

Again I was more facinated by details than by the church itself. Crosses several places and some were so crude they must have been made by amateurs, may be as part of a prayer or a good deed.

On top of a door was a familiar motive: The wise and foolish virgins, which was a very popular motiv in medival Norwegian tapestry weaving.


The church also had one of the narrowest stairs I have seen.


The same stairs wereon the other side of the altar and we saw them also in other churches. I have no idea what was inside the small rooms on top of the stairs. As I said earlier, I found details like that to be more interesting than the churches .


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