Areni cave.

We had our lunch in an outdoor restaurant close to the village of Areni. I had noticed a cave opening right behind  us and thought it was great that w were able to go inside. It was an archeological site where they were still digging so we were asked not to disturb the grid made of rope inside. It was not an obvious thing to get entrance, but with the right connections, we got in.

The floor was covered with a thick layer of sheep’s droppings, but that was all dried up.


There were no artifacts exhibited but we were told that an old shoe (moccasin type, made of one single peece of cowskin, size 7), may be the world oldest, was found in the sheep dung. It is 5500 years old and there is an article in National Geographic Jume 2010 about it. They had also found the world oldest winery, and also a woman’s straw skirt almost 6000 years old. The cave was abandoned after the copper age, about 5400 years ago and sheep and swallows took over and preserved everything. Only a small part of the cave has been excavated so far, so this a live dig.


Photo from National Geographic Magazine, June 2010

One of my childhood dreams was to become an archaeologist so this showed what i have missed. No regrets !


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