We spent more than two weeks in Etiopia and visited both the north and the south of the country and they were very different from each other. The North is Christian with the Ethiopian episcopalian church as the largest, and religion is clearly an important part of the everyday life. It is a very old church from the 300s and differs from other Christian churches. For instance were saints an important part, and every day of the month had a saint’s name. The Ethiopian calendar consists of 12 months, each 30 days, and the a 13th month with 5 or 6 days. The best known church buildings are those cut into rock. Three types: Monolittic where the whole building is dug out of or cut down into a mountain.


The second type is called semi-monolittic. The church is  cut into the side of a mountain but the entrance is built with building blocks.


The last type is the grotto church where the church is built inside a cave big enough.


And we saw a lot of churches. Generally speaking, they were more interesting on the outside than the inside. More about that later.


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