Visit to Daniel and Jorit.

The group was climbing a mountain to see an old monastery and church. I did not do that, I stopped halfway and said I would join them on their way back. I did not last long before I had company.


Mostly kids. They were nice, but we did not have a common language. Then a more grown-up showed up and invited me to his home that was nearby. I should get local, traditional coffee. Of course I said “YES”. This is the house and the entrance to the main room. The house had one more room and a “kitchen”.


Inside the room was sparely furnished, a bed two benches along the walls and that was it. On the walls were houseshold goods and I asked what they were and Daniel told me that was part of Jorit’s dowry, but she was still working to make more.


Danielm toød me he actually was an automation engineer and had studied with a Norwegian scholrship and hoped to get a new scholarship to study in Norway. His English was quite good and he answered nearly all my questions. Except when I asked how they looked upon sex before marriage. I don’t think he understood the question. He asked if I liked corn and when I said yes, he went out into the field and picked one and put on the barbeque. In the meantime Jorit had started the coffee and that and the corn were done at the same time. I asked about Jorit’s hair and Daniel showed me to Jorit’s embarrasment. She filled four cups with coffee and I got all four.


Then Daniel offered me a cup of homemade beer, made of local raw material. I felt I had to accept. The beer was not worth remembering, but then I saw the kitchen.


The stuff in the blue barrel is the beer I just drank! I am glad I drank before I knew. Of course I had a few busy hours running to the bathroom after this.

It was a very special day and one I will remember, more than some of the churches so I am glad I accepted the invitation.


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