Axum is a city with history and the stele park is probably the most special  place. The steles ar from the fourth century and some of them are really tall others are more modest.


As can be seen, some steles need support. The steles are decorated with a pattern like buildings with windows. They are heavy, the tallest is 160 tons, while the largest probably fell during erection and broke in many parts. And that is not strange, it is a ballancing act to erect a thin, tall and heavy obelisk. A tiny mistake in the fundament or a small movement in the ground, the stele “came tumbling down”.

There were graves and tunnels in the ground so it possible that the fundament sunk when it was exposed with the weight of the obelisk. The obelisks came from a quarry a few kilometers away, but they are not sure what procedure was used to erect the steles. One explaination is that they used the power of The Ark of the Covenant!

I never stop wondering about the importance rulers paid to monuments over themselves and the absolute power they had over the ordinary people. Power is dangerous, absolute power is catastrophic!


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