Going south to Langano and Awassa.

As the quality of the roads are mixed, we travelled with smaller, 4-wheel-drive cars. The first stage was to Langano, and we got proof about the unrest.


But we made it to Langano without any incidents.

The hotel/motel was beautifully situated on a hill overlooking the lake.


The individual cabins were great and the restaurant had really good food.


The next day the schedule was to drive to Abra Minch, but we did not make it. It was unrest, the army was on all roads and roads were closed. Two cars were hit by thrown rocks and one broke a window an pulverized the glass on the people in the car. An extra coffee brake was inserted with the usual coffee woman. I also noticed a very elaborate hair style.


The local tour operator had to reschedule and we stayed overnight in a really nice hotel owned by the track-and-field star Haile Gebreseilassi, and a plane was chartered to bring us past the troubled area the next day.



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