Jumping of the bulls. Hamr people.

The Hamr people have a ritual when a boy when he reaches puberty he must run/jump across the back of four bulls to enter manhood. We were so lucky that they had such a seremoni when we were in the neighbourhood and we were invited. It became one of the highpoints of the trip. The natives did not pay any attention to us foreigners, but there were absolutey no distance between us either. The preparations took a looooong time, and I found myself to be very relaxed about it and I enjoyed the situation. There were a lot of dancing with girls/women and most of the time the same dance. First in circles where they stamped their feet so the jingle bells around their ancles sonded very well and blowing a  horn. Then they got together in a tight group in the center where they jumped and screamed.dscf6286bdscf6287


I experienced a special moment that also showed how they “ignored” us. The girl in the front shoul obviously pee, so she went out of the dance, took off her jingle bells next to me. Then she went a few meters away squatted and peed, no underwear there.


I can see that pee in the jingle bells could be a problem.

You can see scars on the backs of the girls. As part of the seremoni, the girls wanted to be whipped by boys to prove their love and loyalty. I am not able to understand the logic, but the girls were actually provoking being whipped.


Then finally almost as an anticlimax came the bulls and the jumping. The boy did very well, four times back and forth over four lined-up bull, completely naked (both boys and bulls).


A few more pictures from the activities before the seremoni.


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