Visit to the Dorze tribe.

The Dorze tribe lives high up in the mountains above Abraminch and the road up there was steep and full of curves. On the way up I noticed ugly, black smoke from high up. I did not think much about it ,but as we came nearer we were stopped and told that it was a bus on fire that blocked the road.


This picture is taken on our way down.

When we finally reached a Dorze village, I was struck by the size og the hut.


I have read afterwards that the hut can be moved. If the termites start eating the hut, they cut off the bottom part and move the top, leaving the lower parts to the termites. The hut obviously becomes a bit shorter.

We were shown how to making bread from the fake banana plant by scraping, kneading, storing and fermenting. We tasted  it, and I think it must be an accuired taste as I am no fan even with dips.


The Dorze people are good weavers and they displayed products, mostly scarves. and I liked a lot of them.

I also noticed an old woman spinning yarn the really old-fashioned way.


As a farewell a group of children sang for us. We were told the text was about: thank you for visiting our village.

In my opinion one of the best visits to a village.


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