Visits to tribes in South Ethiopia.

Generally speaking the visits to the tribes in Southern Ethiopia were disappointments with a few exceptions. My expectations were different that how it turned out. I got a feeling of being in a human zoo, the people, mostly women and children, were waiting at the parking lot for tourists, with their body paint, ornaments, hairdo etc. They followed us around and wanted pictures taken, as they charged you for each. There was absolutely nothing that showed everyday life. So very few or no pictures taken. Tourism seems to have changed, may be destroyed a lot.

Examples på how it was .


Please note the head ornaments on the two last people, used soda corks and a chain from a wrist watch!

Two exceptions, the Dorze people in the hills above Abraminch and “Jumping of the bulls”seremoni at the Hamr people, so separate posts for those visits.


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