My travels in India 2016.

I actually had three trips in India in the period between November 9. to December 12.this year. Two of them were group tavels with Escape travel and the third was 3-4 days between the two where I travelled alone (carefully planned, no problems).

The first trip started in a small city called Mahaballipuram  on the beach to the Indian Ocean south of Chennai (Madras). We drove south to the old Frech trading post, Pondicherry and Chidambaram, before we  ended up in Tranquebar, the old Danish/Norwegian trading post.West, with stops, to Kerala and the backwater on the east coast. Train from Cochin to Calicut and bus/car to a great coffee plantation, Tranquil. To Nagarhole National park and Mysore and Hassan. Plane from Bangalore to Goa, a couple of days in Goa and then plane to Mombai, where the first group trip ended.
I stayed behind and took the plane to Aurungabad next day. There I visited the ancient caves at Ajanta one day and Ellora next day. A 40 year old dream comiong true! Plane to Delhi and visit to Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Better than expected! Plane to Kolkata (Calcutta) and met the new group.

After one day sightseeing in Kolkata plane to Dimapur in Nagaland in the North-East of India, “the chickenneck”, car to Kohima, the capital. After spending 2-3 days at the Hornbill-festival, absolutely spectacular, we drove to Jorhat and entered our cruise ship on the Bramaputra river. We spent 7 days underways down the river, sleeping and eating on the ship, most of the other time ashore to villages, safaris, tea plantations etc. Plane to Kolkata with some sightseeing, flower market, and then home, alone, Kolkata, Delhi, München, Oslo without any problems whatsoever.

Home with 1600 pictures, full of impressions, new experiences after meeting smiling, friendly people with a great group of fellow travellers.

GREAT TRIP! More to follow.

I publish pictures on Facebook, almost every day! Feedback welcome!


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