Believe it or not, Denmark-Norway had a trading post or small colony on the east coast of India from the 1600s. The colony consisted of a fortress and some buildings outside the walls.

The fortress is restaured and is almost on the beach.

Some of the storage rooms were identified.

The contact with home was only by ship and the resident scandinavians never knew when the next ship would arrive. A list shows a very irregular schedule.


Note that there was no recorded ships arriving between 1644 and 1669, 25 years.That is a looong time to be left in a small settlement on the east coast of India. I feel pity with the people not knowing and each year  a new dissapointment for 25 years!

Just to make a point: historians agree that the best governeur was a Norwegian, Anker.

The churchyard still have some remnants of scandinavian graves and also of pirat’s.




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