The temple in Chidambaram.

The temple complex in Chidambaram is huge with four gates, each gate is several stories high and completely covered with statues. The Hindu religion has 33 million mythological figures so they have plenty to choose from.

One of the gates.


The statues were painted and had human forms, even if some had combination with body parts from animals.

There were also statues on all roofs.


There also smaller statues of minor gods and it was obvious that people brought them gifts, clearly a lot of coloured powder.

A Hindu temple  is confusing to me withall the different gods and eth detailed stories and a lot of worshipping people. The story illustrated on the last picture is that one day when Shiva was dancing, he lost his right ear. Shiva was very quick and nimble so he caught the ear in midair with his right foot . Then he just pur ear back on with his toes.


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