Shiva temple at Tanjore.

Brihadiswara temple is located at the city of Tanjore and is dedicated to Shiva. The temple complex is inside fortified walls. The temple was finished in the year 1006, while the walls were built in the 16-hundreds. It was plenty of space between the walls and the temple where people sat down in the grass and on the steps. In other words, plenty of people to take picture of.

The temple was impressive with a temple tower 60 meters high.


It was not painted but heavily decoratedas can be seen. The whole temple complex was built in granite, a great amount of it. The quarry was 60 km away so the logistics was demanding and impressive.


I saw one of the temple dancers and she let me take a picture of her.


I took a lot of pictures of people and they all agreed when I asked them. Here is a selction.

Normally I did not take pictures of people worshipping, but I could not resist this situation where people prayed under a tree that was supposed to be influence fertility.


I went from the temple wondering and full of question. The size and the work involved in building this complex are staggering, and the connection between worldly power and religion is remarkable and is actually bothering me. But then again it is obvious that religion is important to ordinary people.


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