Chidambara Villas in Chettinad:

Chettinad is an area with many large and nice houses. Traditionally many businessmen lived here and they showed their wealth by building villas. Some of them now stand empty, some are renovated so people can live there, and at least one house are renovated and made into a nice hotel, and that is where we stayed. The room plan was nonstandard, and I used some time to find my room.


The interior was in the original style, so the renovation was successfull, even if it as  hotel ia “unconventional”.

We were taken on a tour around the hotel and here are some impressions.

We were also shown parts of the old kitchen.

The exterior is also remarkable.

Another house in the same area was totalrenovated but was empty The heirs were not able to agree what to do with this huge house.

I have never slept in a house like this and it became another part of my Indian experience.


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