We stayed two nights at a hotel in the middle of a coffee plantation. It was originally the house of the maharajah’s taxidermist but was upgraded to a very nice hotel. It was a steep climb up so we were driven up in 4-wheel drive cars.

By pure chance I got the largest room, it was about 65 square meters and had to baths and a make-up-room.dscf6873

I had the top floor of the building to the right. On the other picture you see the veranda outside my room with the door into it. The two doors indicate it was two rooms at one time.

The plantation was hilly with coffee bushes everywhere. The coffee beans were not ripe so it was not harvesting season. The vegetation was dense with some palms above everything.

It was a lot of flowers on the veranda and close by, and of course I had to take pictures.

A really peaceful place and a great place to relax. In addition the host couple were very nice and they always had their meals with us.






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