The temple in Belur.

I think the whole group sort of sighed when we were to visit another temple, this time in a city named Belur. However, at least I was pleasantly surprised, the carving on and in the temple was really remarkable and I took a lot of pictures, and here is a selection.

The craftmanship was excellent and very detailed. The anonymous artist sitting or standing with hammer and chisel are worth  some thankfull thoughts. As can be seen they made three-dimensional carvings. The most remarkable was the stones where they had made thee carvings be on the front of the stones and have removed the stone behind it,


And again I took pictures of people, a bride and groom, the priest in the temple, a family and others.


Evnen if I was skeptic when I heard it was another temple, this was a positive surprise. Great carvings and again friendly psople.


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