I was not impressed with Goa, may be I had too high expectations. We stayed in a nice hotel, and to me the most interesting thing I experienced was the preparations for a huge wedding lasting 5 days. Even the reception and the entrance were decorated.

Even the pools were decorated.


There were activities many places in the hotel, some involving food and some rituals. I was facinated by a “band” , 5 persons, that played traditional music in the middle of an open place.


I found the drummer and the female member to be very good motives.

One day they served an outdoor lunch and that wa defintely not frugal.


Since this was a 5 day affair, the women should have five different saris. I did not check that, but there were a lot of good photo motives.

My room had a strange lay-out with the bath tub almost in the middle of the room.


The sunrise was great outside my room.




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