Taj Mahal

I was anxious that I might be disappointed, the feedback I had received from people who had been there was mixed. Some were positive and some were negative. To conclude I found Taj Mahal to be magnificent, another must-see!

I had a good guide who was able to answer all my questions, even the unusual ones like How did that cut the marble tiles for the domes, both inside and outside, as there is probably not a rectangular tile? The answer is they had mathematical knowledge and could calculate the shape of each tile. Look at the tiles in this picture and you will understand my question.


Another detail that impressed me was the inlay with detailed flower patterns in the marble, some even with gold foil.

Later the guide took me to a workshop that did exactly the same, and they claimed to artisans were decendents from the men who did the marble work on the Taj. I was offered a small table delivered Drammen for USD 300,- (before bargaining). I declined!

But of course the was the exterior and the whole collection of minarets, central building, water, stairs and everything else that impressed the most. It is actually perfect.

The view from Fort Agra.


The four minarets slant slightly out away from the main building and that is on purpose. It was done like that because the maharaja wanted the minarets to fall away from the main building in case of earthquake.

An optical illusion from a pilar.


The guide suggested a couple of pictures a bit out of the usual.

I am really glad I included Taj Mahal in my trip, it was much better than I imagined.


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