Nagaland – Kohima.


Nagaland is in the north-east corner of India and borders to Myanmar and Bangladesh. It is a hilly country and the roads were generally bad. It was normal not to exceed an average speed of 30 km/hour (20 miles/h).

The population is inhabited by 17 tribes with about 2 million people. These tribes all have distinct and different traditions, clothing, customs and language.Earlier they were wars between the tribes and little sense of community. After Nagaland became a province of India in 1963, the provincial government institured  the yearly Hornbill Festival. Much more ablout in a separate post.

Kohima is the capital and the Hornbill Festival is in a separate village where each tribe has their own house. These are open houses that we could visit.

Kohima is on hills and I don’t think there is a horizontal area outdoors, and it is hard to understand how one of the most important battles in WWII  was fought here and that a tennis court was a battle field. We saw the tennis court and by the way that was horizontal.


One thought on “Nagaland – Kohima.

  1. Fantastisk fargerike bilder fra Nagaland. Denne delen av India var helt ukjent for meg og må være enhver fotografs drøm. Alle de forskjellige ansiktene var ekstra interessante, veldig “uindiske”.

    Beste hilsen Yngvild


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