Hornbill Festival

The Hornbill Festival is an annual festival taking place in Kisama, also called Naga Hertiage village just outside Kohima.


It is also called Festival of Festivals as most of the 17 tribes in Nagaland have their own festival: It was started by the the provincial government in the year 2000 to “encourage inter-tribal interaction and promote culture heritage”..

Each tribe has their own permanent house built in their local style and these houses are open to everybody, so I spent a lot of time visiting them.

We were present at the official opening at the central arena, with speeches and dancing performance of the 12 tribes. They danced four tribes at the same time, so it was difficult to get a good impression of each tribe. The next day they performed one at the time, and that was much better.

The festival lasts several days, and we were there a little more than 2 days. The last day we watched the tribes haul a big rock, several tons, through the streets of Kohima.

I will devide the pictures with comments.



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