M.V. Mahabaahu on the Brahmaputra. The first day.

Our cruise ship, M.V. Mahabaahu waited for us at the shore of the mighty Brahmaputra. Actually it was not so mighty now, the water level was 8 meters below this year’s flood. There were sand banks on both shores and the river snaked downstream in one turn after another, so the ship needed a pilot boat in front to measure the depth with bamboo poles. Instruments were not able to measure the depth with  soft bottom. We werw welcpmed on board, and here are the ship, the bamboo gangway amd med with the welcome gifts, skarf and wreath, and red dot on my forehead.

Our neighbours were families on weekend picknick on the other shore and a ferry quay. The ferry actually transported cars.


Note the bamboo poles.

Our hostess who also taught yoga each morning on a sandbank.


The night came quickly, by 6 pm it was pitch dark, but the moon was in conjunction with Venus.


The sunset was great and so was the sunrise with mist over the river.



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