Sibsagar – “the seat of Ahom civilisation.

The people that was called Ahom came to the Brahmaputra Valley in the 12hundereds and ruled for 600 years antil beaten by the British in 1826. We visited three landmarks in the city of Sib(v)sagar, one temple, one old stadion  and one set of buildings that probably was a camp for soldiers.

The temple was dedicated to Shiva, not surprising, and was tall. Inside it was quite dark and narrow, the outside had both a row of bells and a couple of shelves for candles..

From the inside.

From the outside.

I think this is the first time I have been blessed Hindu-style. A man in white clothes came up to me, tied a red string around my wrist, and placed a red dot on my forehead while he was mumbling in a language it did not understand at all.

Of course I took some pictures of people.

Honestly, I did not find the stadion very ineresting, so no pictures.

The army base, named Talatal Ghar, had ruins above ground, but also three stories underground and tunnels as escape routes. The underground was sealed off, so we only saw the things above ground.

Again I took pictures of people (mostly girls!).


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