Majuli island – part 2.

After the visit to the monastery, we got into our cars and started driving further into the island. We did not know what to expect, especially as the road got worse and worse. We stopped at the bank of the river where some chairs had been set up. A van was parked near by and a “band” with three musicians were sitting in front of it. They started playing and dancers came out and danced on the riverbank to Brahmaputra. How more exotic can you get? The costumes were great and the dancers were really good. We were told they were amateurs and used their lunch break to dance for us.

They performed another dance, this based on an ancient mythological legend about a bad guy kid-napping a queen, but the heros with the help of the monkey king, save her.

After the dances we could meet the dancers and I started talking to the monkey king. He was a nice guy so I went with him behind the van and met the others. This resulted in the group had to wait for me, but I did not feel bad about it at all. I had a good time with the monkey king. Another very special experience.

A very special experience that was one of the highs on this trip.


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