Majuli means “land in water” and is the largest inhabited island in a river. Actually that might not be true longer as erosion . In the 20th century the island was reduced from 1245 square km til 354!

We went ashore and were taken to a monastery, this time to monks that worshipped Vishnu, the organizer and provider. They performed some sort of dance for us, the “music was drums and cymbals. The dance was done by the drummers, and unusual combination.

The dancers/drummers seemed very remote and detached. I was quite close and tried to have eyecontact, but no.

It was a strange experience, unlike other dances we saw. the dances were normally very “down to earth”, while this was sort of “out of this world”. Interesting, absolutely.

The monastery was very frugal and their rooms very sparsly furnished.


A couple of other pictures from the monastery.


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