Elephant safari in Kazaringa National Park.

Kazaringa National Park is on the south shore of Brahmaputra and is the home of several animals. The rarest one is the white rhino, the ones that is hardest to see are tigers and leopards. We did not see them either.

We had an elephant safari in the park at sunrise, and just coming to the starting point in the morning mist was special.

We were two or three on each animal pluss the “driver” the maut, and a couple of the animals had a child that followed their mother.

The first animals we met were the white rhinos, and they ignored us completely. One of the elephant kids was curious, but the rhino was not interested. They have poor eyesight, we were told.

We also met some other animals, and they were not scared at all.

As a bonus we had the sunrise.

When we “disembarked” I saw a sign showing the maximum water level for the river. When the snow melts in the Himalayas, the water level in Brahmaputra rises, and it floods the surroundings. The water level can inrease with 8 meters and the amount of water may be increased 10 times.


Another very special experience, a young boy’s dream coming true.



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