Handicraft center, Urubamba Valley.

On our way to Macchu Picchu we stopped at a handicraft center by the road. They showed every step of textile production from animal (lama, alpakka and vicuna) to finished product.

The location and buildings were actually very nice.


We came in close contact with the animals and they were clearly used to people.

I was facinated by the smallest, the vicuna. It gives the most expensive wool, I was offered a sweater for USD 4000,- and declined! They live in the Andes at up to 5000 meters above sea level. They are beautiful animals!

The yarn was coloured with natural dyes, and it was a large varity of colours.

The last stage was the weaving, and the looms were fairly basic, while the colours were more visible.

They are definitely not afraid of using bright colours!

An interesting stop, I enjoyed it!


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