Three places on the highland.

The Urubamba Valley (the Sacred Valley) runs roughly north-south. The highland on teh west side goes up to 3700 meters and is quite flat. So flat they talked about building a new international airport there. Cuzco needs that for the tourist industry.

We visited the highest town where a Catholic church was built on the walls on an Incan temple in the 1600s. Of course there was a market outside.

Another special place on the highland was Moray, an Inca heritage. It has a very special lay-out with concentric circles.

After analyzing the soil it has been concluded that this was an experimental place for developing corn types that could grow at the highland. The Incas were more in the mpountains and highland than in the valleys.

On the mountainside down to Urubamba salty water came out out, and had done so for a couple of thousands years. The local farmers had a pond they filledwith salt water and let the water evaporate leaving the salt. We came from above and i was a strange sight to see all 2000 pools from above.


Seen from an other angle it is easier to see the landscape.


Of course I bought almost a kilo of salt, cheap and good.



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