Machu Picchu.

I was a bit skeptical about Machu Picchu. Is it overrated, is it full of tourists, is it too much restored? But no, no and no. I was postively suprised and I am so glad I experienced this place.

I admire Hiram Bingham who redescovered it in 1913. He listened to the the locals and started climbing, and that must have been some climbing, steep, very steed, completely overgrown with dense vegetation.

We took the bus up, but we saw some who climbed the trail, 1350 meters up! The road had 13 hairpin turns and hardly any safety features, not for people with vertigo!


This pictures illustrate the steepness and height difference,

Machu Picchu was impressive and there were so many interesting details like water supply and drainage, retaining walls and terraces for agriculture. The terraces was filled with fertile soil carried up from the river.

But it was the masonry that impressed the most. There were two “styles” as I saw it : temples and sacred buildings har regular rectangular forme stones, while “secular” buildings had shaped irrgular sizes stones as can be seen here. First from temples.

Then from other buildings.

And then some more pictures from this mysterious mountain.

Another old dream coming true!




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