Cusco is the old capital of the Inka empire and it was two ruins that impressed me as they showed the two very different masonry the Inkas used,

First the techniques as I saw it at Macchu Picchu on sacred buildings with evenly shaped rectangular stones. Remnants of an old temple was now in a cathedral,

The walls were not vertical but had an angle inwards maing door-openings and windows trapezoid as can be seen on the pictures. This was to secure the walls from earthquakes and it was proven effective as the cathedral had been damaged and repaired severaltimes while the Inka walls were not damaged at all.

The guide showed us a special corner.


He told us that the small piece seemed to go all the way through the 2 feet thick wall as it looked the same on the other side. He had no answer to why. The accuracy of the masonry is staggering. Remember they had no metals, except gold and silver and they are no good as tools.

I have seen somewhere that this wall has been called “the most beautiful wall in the world”.

The other “style” of masonry was illustrated on a fortress outside the city where huge boulders had been shaped to make great walls.

As I like to take pictures of the local people, I found motives around the ruins of the fortress.


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