My trip to Algeria.

As a young boy (may be 16) I read a book called The rock art in Sahara by a French professor, Henri Lhote. It really facinated me and when I saw a trip to the region in Algeria arranged by a Danish tour organizer, Viktors Farmor, I was quick to join it.

The trip is actually two different parts. First a long week in the Sahara, then a short week in the north visiting interesting cities and old Roman cities.

We traveled into Tassili N’Ajier in the south-east corner i Algeria close to the borders of Libya and Niger.


We were passengers in five four-wheel- drive cars with Tuareg drivers.

We stayed four nights in the Sahara. We had the choice of sleeping in tents or sleeping on mattresses under open skies, and I had two nights in tent and two night just with a mattress. More of my sleeping experience in a separate post later. We drove from cave to cave through the most fantastic landscape with spectacular rock formations.


In the north we visited the city of Constantine and that was a very special city. Then we visited three old Roman cities, the last on the shore of the Mediterranian.

All in all a trip with many great experiences and again a boy’s  dreams coming true.





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