Sleeping in the desert.

We stayed overnight four times and our guides found suitable camping places. They brought table and chairs for meals.DSCF0049DSCF9724b

They also brought tents, room for one or two, mattresses (thin foam rubber) and sleeping bags.

So we had to find a smooth area in the sand, or even out the surface, erect the tent, place mattress and sleeping bag.DSCF9987

The temperature difference between day and night was significant, so sleeping in a tent had its advantages. So I slept in a tent two nights.DSCF9776

Two persons slept under the open sky, and that was so tempting I did the same the last two night. Two reasons; first the adventure of sleeping under the full moon and a starry night in the Sahara is not every days adventure, secondly the space in the tent was so limited so just getting in and out of the sleeping bag was a physical challenge.

The first night I found a fin spot behind a bush of starry grass. (Picture taken by Margaret, great tour compagnion and photographer.)17634566_10211007661361938_5128121796537335449_n

With a great view over the sunset and no wind, I slept very well. Waking up during the night to look straight upon a full moon lightening up the desert, and very bright stars was an experience worth the whole trip. Waking up for sunrise.DSCF9777

The second night was different. The guides had chosen a camping spot that was very windy so I looked for a place where I was sheltered from the wind and found a nice niche where rocks stopped the wind. I knew about the temperature drop so I dressed accordingly.DSCF0202

Part of the plan worked out perfectly, no wind, I was sheltered. But what I had not anticipated was that the wind that blew over my “bed” carried a lot of fine, red sand and dropped it on top of me! So I woke up in the middle of the night with sand in my face. What to do? Well, I took my shirt and just put my head inside it and slept the rest of the night. But I had red sand everywhere, and the first washing of clothes after I came home had a lot of sand in the filter.

But it was something I don’t regret! It was a great experience, once in a lifetime. Everybody should try it!


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