Cattle – with variations.

Let me confess right away that I am not an expert on what cattle looked like in Africa     4-8000 years ago, so it absolutely possible that what I say is cattle in reality are a wild animals like antelopes. there are exceptions, there are some pictures I am sure are cattle.

Cattle must have been an important animal as we saw many pictures on several locations, but I found the style, technique and size varied.

Some pictures were painted with the red colour, iron oxide. That was clearly the pigment they had available.

As can be seen, some pictures show the outline of the animal and some have coloured the whole area. Some have white horns.

On one of the pictures we also see white cattle and they are made with some white pigments (chalk?).

They even had cattle that were both red and white.

I must admit I am not able to destinguish each cow on the last picture, but I can see horns and the colours are “cow-colours”, so I conclude it is a herd of red-and-white cows.

The painted cattle were small, but we saw also large pictures of cattle, and they were defintely cattle. They were carved into smooth rock surfaces and were full sized or larger than that.


It might be difficult to find the cow on picture 6, but look for the leg or the mouth, when you find that is suddenly the animal there.

A very special variation of cow picture was “the weeping cow”. The location was also some distance from the others and the style was definitely different. The legend says the cow is crying because the land became drier and drier.DSCF0265DSCF0270DSCF0279b

A remark I received on these pictures: “this proves we had artists before art was invented!” I agree!



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