Sahara – sand and rocks.

Sahara is huge, and we visited only a small corner of it. But what I saw and experienced made a deep impression on me, and I am not talking about the rock art, but the desert itself. The lines of sanddunes, the rock formations, the colours, the footprints of small animals, the vegetation that seemed dead, but just waited for moisture and the few flowers, together it was a very special and rewarding visit.

When I heard the name Sahara, I thought : Sand, and we experienced sand. But I was not prepared for the size of the sanddunes. DSCF9899DSCF9910DSCF9979DSCF9990

On the last picture there is a man walking along the edge. That shows the size of the dune.

Another picture to show something about size.DSCF9839

Some places the ground was flat and hard. Our driver, Karim, drove at 140 km/hour on one very flat and hard area. The second picture is on the road from the airport in Djanet and the town itself.


Most of the time we drove on sand between rocks and mountains. The mountains seem slowly to change into rocks.DSCF9731DSCF9739DSCF9827b


The last picture is may be the picture I like the best.

There were areas where the ground was covered with stones. DSCF9713DSCF0147

Sand and wind and changing temperatures have made spectacular rock formations.DSCF0273DSCF0137DSCF9771DSCF9802DSCF9964DSCF9972

And there were arches. DSCF9851DSCF9920DSCF0028

Sahara was facinating and I am so glad I for the experience.


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