About me

Who am I?

I am a Norwegian with a typical name: Steinar, and I am retired. During my working years I worked for about 30 years in the private industry in Canada, Austria and Indonesia in addition to Norway. The last 12 years of my working years I taught in junior high school. Of course, my family was always with me, and this made us a very close family. My wife, Ingrid and I had a very good marriage for 53 years until she died in 2012

We, that is Ingrid and I, decided that when we both had retired we were going to travel. Well, that did not happen. But when I became alone, I decided to take up the plans we had made, and I made new ones, too. So these are my travel reports, impressions, “background” and reflections.

I don’t know about you, but in my head there are geographical names and expressions that I associate with adventures, different people, “something else” and my  curiosity says: “Go and find out!”.

I read a lot of travel books when I was a boy and names from these books have probably created a file in my hard disk, my brain, Names like Samarkand, Titicaca, Marco Polo, Timbuktu, Taklamakan, safari, Isfahan, Istanbul, Silk Road, Mandalay, The Forbidden City etc are popping up when I plan my travels. So I find myself being attracted to these places. I have visited some, some are on the “to-do-list, and some like Timbuktu are not attractive now.

So here are my travels from 2012 till now, and there will be more.



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